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STCA has been supported by its members. It has two types of memberships: Legacy Membership and Prime Membership.  All STCA members are by invitation only. The new members would need to be recommended by two existing members, subject to the board directors' approval.

Our Prime Members Show Case

Down load the form and send us via e-mail.

The STCA membership perceives the elite and prestigious status. Our membership requires all STCA members to maintain its high standards. 

                                      Membership Requirement
Service Requirement:
1.        Each member needs to attend a total of at least  4  general meetings, two of which must be the January planning meeting, and the November philanthropy reporting meeting.
2.        Members are encouraged to participate in one or more committee and/or annual fund raising events.
3. Members might be inquired for possible solicitations for fund raising purposes
4.        Each member needs to fill the straw ballots, when the new board directors are elected.

Financial Obligations
1.      Legacy Membership donation: $99 first year, and $95/year subsequently.  
2.      Prime Membership will be granted to those who donate annually.
3.      Pay dues in a timely manner; dues shall be payable by/before March 31 each year.
4.      Each member will be invited to two galas, -- one for the March Film Festival Gala, and the other the November philanthropy Gala.

                                              Standing Rules
1.      All members should show warmth and respect toward each other, and other guests/visitors.
2.      Each prospective member should be nominated by two existing members.   New members shall be notified of acceptance by letter/email.  No membership shall be granted prior to payment of dues.
3.      A prospective member who is not a U.S. resident is eligible for membership, if she is able to demonstrate a significant interest in and has an affiliation with STCA.
4.      All general meetings shall be conducted at a site location or through an on-line web conference.
5.      Board directors may serve as management officers, during her/his term of office.
6.      Scholarship applicants must study in the areas of Social Study/Science.
7.      Scholarship applicants may not be the children of any current board directors and appointed officers of STAC.
8.      Should any event need to be rescheduled / cancelled, a notice should be sent out two weeks prior to the event.
9.      All members are required to submit expenses for any activity, no later than 21 days beyond the date of the activity; or the treasurer/accountant must be advised.
10.    The information contained in the STCA directory is confidential and is to be used exclusively for the STCA business only.  Any other usage is subject to the approval of the President.
11.   To apply for a funding from STCA, the philanthropy must fulfill the similar mission statements as STCA’s; and it then needs to be approved by our associated committee.